“One Step Scale System for viola” book

September 28, 2016

Carl Fischer, the publisher in New York of the Flesch Scales that we all love (well, perhaps I wouldn’t go that far…love is a strong word but we know they are good for us right?) is slated to publish my 1 Step Scale System. They will come out late February 2016 in time for my presentation at the ASTA Convention in Miami in early March. To coordinate with this, the STRAD magazine is writing an article that should be published around Jan/Feb 2017 that lays out the system in a couple pages.

This project has been 20 years in the making and all my students will know and remember it (hopefully fondly). It all came about from my experiences with my teacher Paul Coletti and from our lessons discussing technique. We had talked for years about creating a book together but now, finally, I had the time to pull it together and is based more on how I used those conversations to create a complex and thorough system that I have been using for the past 20 years. Not only very helpful in explaining Mechanics v Technique, they also teach you different ways of practicing and understanding the fingerboard. Anyway – I’ll let you know more about it both of these things as they appear. I’m excited!

One Step Scale System Viola Exercises