Is But a Dream

Track listing

1. Black Anemones
2. Is But A Dream
3. Allegretto
4. Passaconne
5. Rondo
6. Under The Shady Trees, Hidden In The Reeds
7. Reeds Shall Grow In The Parched Ground
8. The Golden Reed
9. The Paper Reeds By The Brooks
10. A Reed Shaken With The Wind
11. The Pond
12. The Bagpipe
13. Andante
14. Adagio
15. Allegro Molto
16. Oblivion


“This is a genuine standard, of course, and the reading here is the very best I have ever heard. I have raved over the Robert Bloom recording, but the sound is better here, and these players all seem genuinely inspired. Perhaps part of the reason is the superlative viola playing by Helen Callus. She sports a very dark, warm, romantic sound that just blisters in crescendos. Anyone wanting a definitive modern recording of this work need look no further.” –American Record Guide

“Henderson’s tone if plaintive, seductive and coy by turns, with an effective restrained vibrato, projecting an unusual romantic voice for the departed 20th Century. Add Helen Callus’s stunning viola in the Brahmsian Rhapsodies by Loeffler and you have a CD that you will play over and over…the grain of the viola particularly startling in its sensuality…” -Gramophone Magazine